Press release 2022 Jan 03

Prime 60L Sterilizer Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2022

2022 TAIWAIN EXCELLENCE STURDY - RPIME 60L Sterilizer(Autoclave)

Prime 60L has the core value of Sturdy brand and potential customer demand functions. The high protection and tracking system can effectively control the sterilization process, reduce the potential infection risk of the environment, and protect the safety of front-line operators. It is equipped with high altitude and high wide area. , High-strength features, with Netcom's digital transmission of sterilization research results, more than 20 sterilization programs and functions with a delicate and intuitive man-machine interface, so that users can easily and clearly understand all the delicate information and cycle history of the research process, and show the product. Professionalism and delicacy. The best sterilization quality effect that meets the requirements of end users, improves the work efficiency of laboratory researchers, and meets the needs of customers and the market.