Disposable Adult PVC Manual Resuscitator Kit (Air Cushion Mask)

SR-011(-E) is a disposable adult manual resuscitator kit. It provides breathing gas by manually squeezing the elastic sphere, and then uses the mask as an interface to deliver the breathing gas to the patient. If the patient cannot use the mask to breathe, the medical staff can The use of the air duct attached to the product to establish an open airway facilitates airway intubation by medical staff so that the patient can breathe the breathing gas delivered by the product.

In addition; it also comes with an oxygen storage bag, if the medical staff decides to supply the breathing gas with a higher oxygen concentration to the patient, the storage bag can help to provide a higher concentration of oxygen into the breathing gas.

Disposable Resuscitator Kits

  • All materials are latex-free
  • Made of elastic material that can be easily squeezed and re-inflated
  • Appearance and surface texture for easy grip
  • Air Cushion Mask
  • 3 sizes available - Adult, Child, and Infant
  • Optional carrying box for easy portability
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