Simple, Practical Ultrasonic Cleaner

0.6 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner

An Ultrasonic wave of 46,000 cycles per second is generated through the cleansing liquid.

The action of this longitudinal wave because dielectric pressure to build up, resulting in numerous micro-vacuum bubbles producing the cavity effect. When these bubbles explode, the force of their explosion removes the encrusted dirt, grime, or other undesirable substance, even in tiny, hard-to-reach corners. Its efficiency is remarkable.

Technical specifications
Inner Tank Size 168 * 89 * 55 mm
Outer Tank Size 193 * 116 * 118 mm
Inner Tank Capacity 0.6 L
Ultrasonic Frequency 46 khz
Ultrasonic Power 50 W
Power Supply 100V ~ 110V / 220V ~ 240V
Tank Material Stainless Steel #304
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Lid Material Translucent PS Plastic
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