Versatile Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

ST-220 is a reliable, high-performance multifunctional operating table with diverse accessories and stable structural design. Provide patients with a smooth and comfortable experience.

This series of operating tables are powered by electric hydraulic power and can be operated by remote control. They are equipped with a variety of surgical positions and a one-key recovery function (optional), which is easy to operate and easy to maintain and clean.

Cost-effective configuration of various functions

  • ST-220 is a general use of the surgical table, suitable for not only general surgeries but also orthopedic surgery.
  • 180° Rotatable tabletop can satisfy various needs of operation positioning.
  • Patented lifting column can ensure preciseness and stability.
  • The base and the lifting column are all made of high-quality Stainless Steel.
  • Four-sectional tabletop design. Leg sections are splittable and can be tipped up.
  • Compensates for uneven OR floors with self-leveling brake.
  • Optional Orthopedic tractor is available.
  • R type (with auto level function) and B type (with battery backup) are optional.
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